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Ruby Encription
ruby code encryption
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The RubyEncoder protects Ruby scripts by compiling Ruby source code into a bytecode format and this is followed by encryption.

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Simple, fast and reliable RubyEncoder encryption software.


Find answers to our frequently asked questions below.  If you still require help we have an extensive resource of support manuals and tutorials within the support section.

General Questions and Purchasing
This FAQ is for general information about Ruby Encoder and also information on purchasing

Loader FAQs
Ruby Encoder requires a loader in order to run your protected scripts. This FAQ covers information related to our loaders

How secure is Ruby Encoder? All you need to know in one FAQ

An FAQ regarding our support policies

Issues & Solutions
Some issues you may get when using RubyEncoder and solutions. If your problem isn't listed here, please send the details and questions to support@rubyencoder.com


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“RubyEncoder Rocks!  I love it.  Thanks for helping me to protect my code"
Heather Barton, Iroko Design