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The RubyEncoder protects Ruby scripts by compiling Ruby source code into a bytecode format and this is followed by encryption.

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Simple, fast and reliable RubyEncoder encryption software.


RubyEncoder protects Ruby scripts by compiling Ruby source code into an internal format and this is followed by encryption. This protects your scripts from reverse engineering. Ruby scripts protected with RubyEncoder can be executed but cannot be used to extract Ruby source code as there is no source code remaining within the protected script in any form. Scripts protected with RubyEncoder will require installation of the RubyEncoder Loader in order to run. The RubyEncoder Loader is a compiled Ruby module which is automatically loaded and used to run the protected scripts. The RubyEncoder Loaders are binary files that are different for each OS and platform. See the protected scripts loaders section below to know more about the RubyEncoder Loaders.

Supported Ruby Versions
RubyEncoder works with the following versions: Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.0-1.9.3, 2.0-2.7 and 3.0/3.1/3.2. We will add support for new versions of Ruby as soon as they will be available on the Ruby site.

Ruby on Rails protection
With RubyEncoder you may protect your Ruby on Rails applications. You may encode your applications controllers, models and helpers, other Ruby files which may be used within your Ruby on Rails project. Copy the RubyEncoder loaders to your project's top directory to run your Ruby on Rails encoded application. Please download our User Manual and find further details in the 'Encoding Ruby on Rails' section.

To protect your scripts from unauthorized usage RubyEncoder has added some features that can optionally lock your scripts to run only from predefined IP addresses, domain names or LAN hardware addresses. RubyEncoder can also easily produce trial versions of your scripts by setting an expiry date for the script or by limiting the number of days that the protected script will work. With RubyEncoder you may optionally lock your scripts so that they require a special license file in order to run. This file may be distributed with the script or separately from it and this option gives you an opportunity to encode your script once and distribute to users with different licenses. You may easily provide your customers with a license file for our product at the precise moment of purchase, or downloading of a trial version of your product.

Cross platform encoding
A script encoded under one operating system will run under any other supported operating systems. Currently we have an encoder for Mac OSX, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. Script Loaders will run under Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, MinGW and embedded platforms running Linux on ARM, ARMel, ARMhf (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard etc). Also we have plans to support more operating systems for protected scripts execution such as NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and others.

GUI is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. A powerful command line encoder is included.


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The quickest way to understand RubyEncoder is to try it. We have created an Online Encoder page for you to test with your own code

“After moving from php to RoR for our development we needed to protect our applications. RubyEncoder delivered"
Andy Harris, GenerateOne