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The RubyEncoder protects Ruby scripts by compiling Ruby source code into a bytecode format and this is followed by encryption.

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RubyEncoder News

Welcome to the RubyEncoder news. We'll keep you up to date with our latest developments and we have some exciting plans in the pipeline

Friday 28th July 2023
RubyEncoder 3 refinements

We have updated RubyEncoder up to version 3.0.1 and the loaders for Linux, MacOS, MinGW. This is version number change in the loaders but updating of the encoder is recommended. 

Please note, this version does not use loader version check in the encoded files header. The version check was always on since version 2.7 and now it is optional. 

Normally, there is only one version of the loader installed along with encoded files, so it does not need checking for every loaded file. 

However, there are rare situations when it's useful to keep loader version checking. For example, if a product includes various encoded parts or plug-ins created by different developers. As developers may use different versions of RubyEncoder, they may include older and newer versions of loaders with their plug-ins. In this case the very recent loader must be chosen and this is what loader version check was/is doing.

A newer version of the loader can run files encoded by an older version of the encoder but not vice versa.

In case you think it is necessary for your project, add --loader-version-check option when encoding.


Posted on: July 28th 2023 on 04:15pm
Labels: version check

Saturday 24th June 2023
RubyEncoder 3 for Windows updated

Today we updated RubyEncoder 3 for Windows. This includes fixing 'unexpected ucrtbase.dll' on Windows 11. 

Please note, this version supports only Ruby 2.6 and newer. Older versions of Ruby are considered deprecated. If you need to encode for Ruby < 2.6 and can't use Linux or MacOSX version for this, please contact us.

You may download and install the new version from the user profile. Install over the current version to keep the license.


Posted on: June 24th 2023 on 12:04am
Labels: ucrtbase.dll, windows 11

Monday 17th April 2023
RubyEncoder 3

This major new release includes support for Ruby 3 including versions 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. 

Please note, the files encoded with this version will require updated loaders. RubyEncoder 3 is available for Linux x64, MacOS and Windows as well as new loaders for these platforms. We are working on the new release for FreeBSD and also updating loaders for all the other supported platforms. 

Windows loaders are available for MinGW versions of Ruby (rubyinstaller.org). Note, Ruby 3.1 and 3.2 for Windows x64 are build with UCRT as well as RubyEncoder loaders for this platform. This is important to note, if you use a custom built Ruby for MinGW. While the loaders may start, using them with MSVCRT Ruby 3.1/3.2 on Windows x64 may produce unexpected results, errors or memory allocation issues. Use standard UCRT version on Ruby or build a custom Ruby against UCRT.

Windows MinGW x86 Ruby versions are not affected as well as x64 Ruby 3.0 - they are still built with MSVCRT.

We tested encoding for Ruby 3.x as much as possible using standard tests and encoding of some real working projects. Tested new Ruby 3.x features. But if you find any problems with Ruby 3.x encoding, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will work on fixing the issues asap. In case of issues with encoding or loaders, please provide a sample code that we can use to reproduce the issue. Thank you.

Posted on: April 17th 2023 on 12:07am


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